Life is amazing. I’m sure I have said that more times than is necessary, but it’s just one of those things that I don’t think I will ever get used to.

Yes, life is amazing but what is even more amazing than life itself is the Giver of Life. The One who has planned my life, your life, the course of the world, and so much more. He alone is Life (John 14:6).

Wednesday  I got to see just how special and unique one day is from another. I got to be a first hand witness of the difference between my timing and the Lord’s timing. I got to see the Lord taking care of me, and being oh so patient as He showed me that His plan has always been better than mine.

I was going to say that Wednesday started 2 days ago, but it didn’t. In all reality, the lessons I learned (some of them for the 5th time) became part of my journey at the beginning of this year.

Being an entrepreneur is a wonderful experience. But as with pretty much anything, part of the journey is learning the blessings that come with it. For me one of these blessings has been time. Managing and using time properly are not only key but also very difficult for me. The Lord knows and has seen my need. He continues to be faithful in teaching me, however many times necessary, what I need to do to be victorious in my use of time.

One of those things is to maintain a properly balanced schedule. Yesterday the Lord responded to my cry for help and took over my schedule. I don’t think I have ever got my school done so fast before! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and I was outside by 2:30 in the afternoon. I had the most relaxing, beautiful time.

After walking through the cows, I went to see the horses.

It was while I was with the horses that it felt like my ears turned on. I actually listened and heard…. nothing. It was completely silent. Now for those of you who live in Southern Alberta you know how odd this is! Seems like wind is all we get. But no, today it was silent and it was beautiful. I wandered along a cow path and enjoyed the simple beauties.

I ended the beautiful day sitting on the bale stack watching the sunset.

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