A Place Dear to my Heart

Waterton…. what can compare to the beauty of the Lord’s creation in this place?

The more I have explored and discovered I have come to realize that one place on this planet cannot be compared to another. Each place is unique and beautiful and there is no other like it. The Lord has taught me so much in Waterton. This summer while it was on fire my heart was so sad.

I can’t rush through the mountains. It is simply impossible. Mountains don’t demand attention, they simply are. Waterton is just as beautiful when you notice it as when you don’t. A mountain’s beauty doesn’t disappear if you and I don’t notice it. A mountain is consistent no matter the weather or the amount of viewers it gets.

We should be the same. Some days I get as many as 20 visitors on the website and other days I get none. But the content of my website doesn’t change because I didn’t get any viewers that day. I don’t not post a post just because nobody visited my website yesterday. With my website I strive to be consistent, like a mountain (although I know I don’t do it half so well 🙂 ), so that when someone does visit there will be something there for them to see.

Today I want to suggest a challenge. Let’s strive to be consistent in our character. To have a character that does not change according to how many people notice. It may be hard, but it will be worth it. Just like climbing a mountain.

Remember, having our limits stretched, being pushed outside our comfort zone, and going through fire can either make us stronger or bitter.

Go for the stronger. I can’t wait to see the fresh, new beauty in Waterton next spring.

IMG_9959IMG_9953IMG_9944IMG_9844IMG_9954IMG_9902IMG_9929IMG_9864Can you see the rain coming through the mountains below?IMG_9871IMG_9863IMG_9823IMG_9766IMG_9818IMG_9776IMG_9821

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