Thoughts for Today

This is a cattle handling system. Normally, it is not very pretty. The events (such as vaccinations, hair trimming, tagging, etc.) that happen in and around this chute can be quite stressful.

The morning I took this photo it was absolutely still. The air was crisp and clear. The sun was shining in my favourite way when it shoots straight across the land, flooding everything in its path with fresh golden rays.

While spending time with Jesus this morning, I read John chapter 4, specifically verses 7 through 25. Here is this woman, who’s life is a mess (verse 17+18), who met Jesus while doing the simple everyday task of drawing water. The Lord took her life, broken because of the fall of man, and made His light to shine through the cracks that He might be glorified (verses 13+14, 21-24).

This story reminded me of two things. First was this picture: how the Lord took something man-made that represents stressful situations and made something beautiful out of it. It took my breath away and caused Him to be glorified as I marvelled at His handiwork.

The second thing it reminded me of is how powerful the Lord is to be able to take something we see as too busted to be useful and glorify Himself through the brokenness. That is how the Lord works so many times, by showing His strength through our weakness.

“And now, let the poor say “I am rich!”

Let the weak say “I am strong!”

Because of what, the Lord has done! For us,

Give thanks…”

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