3rd Hike of 2018

Today as the snow sifts down to the ground I think back to Thursday when I celebrated the completion of Grade 12 Semester 1 with my 3rd hike of 2018. It. was. epic!

Here is my log book entry with the corresponding pictures. Enjoy!

January 24, 2018:

13:30 Start from home. +5 degrees Celsius, slight breeze, quite pleasant.


14:00 Heard three gopher squeaks in Big Hill Pasture.


14:30 Saw about 20 or more White Tail in Coyote and Rim Pasture.


15:20 Made it to the top of the Rim! Eating and resting feet (which are quite sore). Stormy, cold, darkish, cloudy. The mountains though!!!! ❤ Saw two herds of deer.

IMG_7698IMG_7695IMG_7673IMG_7708IMG_7701IMG_7718 16:55 Home – feet very sore, hands very cold, epic sunset.


Total time spent hiking: 3 hrs. 25 min. Hike #3 Complete!


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