Fireworks and a Piano

As of this evening there is a new page on the website titled Music. If you click there you will find two songs, recorded on a horribly out of tune piano. Most people would tell me if I don’t say anything about the piano being out of tune nobody would notice. While this is probably true, I mention it specifically because it is part of the story. Sometimes the littlest things make the biggest difference.

Now for fireworks… those loud, colorful things that can cause hurt if not lit properly. Fireworks can be fun, exciting, loud, scary, or beautiful. It all depends how you look at it. To a small child who doesn’t understand what is happening or that the only thing getting hurt potentially is there ear drums fireworks can be VERY scary! To a young person who enjoys staying up late and understands fireworks won’t hurt them if safety measures are followed, it can be a lot of fun. Fireworks can mean many different things to many different people. It’s all in how you see it.

In my life right now, I feel like every single firework that could possibly go off has gone off and all at the same time. Some have tipped over and shot sideways along the ground, others have shot into the sky and brilliant displays of light and color have been seen, some just smoldered and died, while others exploded. Why didn’t they all shoot up into the sky like they are supposed to? Didn’t the person who lit them know what they were doing?

Yes, God did know what He was doing.


Just like in real life where every firework is made to be a certain color, shape, or color sequence, so every firework in my life was crafted and designed for a purpose. They all shot exactly where they were supposed to, even though it didn’t look that way. Again, it’s all in how you see it. 

I chose to love playing the piano today despite it’s being out of tune. I chose to post the recordings despite the piano’s lack of tuning because it is such a poignant reminder that perfection should not be the goal. I had two choices with the piano: I could have forfeited the enjoyment of playing piano because it was out of tune, or I could have acknowledged the fact it was out of tune and played anyway. The piano wouldn’t have lost out, I would have been the one that lost.

The same goes for the events of my life. I can live the rest of my life being bitter because they didn’t go how I would have liked or I can choose to shift my focus and let go of my expectations while asking the Lord to show me His plan and purpose. I would only hurt myself by harboring bitterness.

The God I serve doesn’t ask for perfection, but for a willing and humble heart. Some of my best days have been days of complete brokenness, but at the end of those days I have been able to see how the Lord turned my brokenness into His beauty. He is strong in our weakness.

Some of the sweetest and most precious lessons can only be learned through brokenness. It is through our weakness that we discover His strength.

After all that has happened in my life, I can say this one thing with confidence.

God is faithful.

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