Today was a learning day.

Today’s lesson is the first lesson I can remember learning by myself since January 12, 2018. Have I learned things in the past 30 days? Oh yes, many many many things. All the things I can remember learning, however, were learned together with Darcy. 

I have chosen to love hiking. The pain, the dirt, the view, the beauty, the freshness, and so much more. Some days I am unable to go hiking and it is usually on these days I watch videos or read books about other people’s hikes because I so badly want to go on my own hike. Recently I have been enamoured with long distance thru hikes such as the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail or the Great Trail which stretches all the way across Canada. Often, a person’s reason for thru hiking a trail such as the above has something to do with an event in their lives. For this reason, when writing of their experience they often intertwine their life’s story.

Today was one of those days I so badly wanted to go for a hike but was unable to on account of the cold. So I picked up some hiking books from the library and sat down to fill my hiking appetite. Little did I realize that the life stories of the people I had chosen to read about were far from anything I had ever experienced and all in all were quite sad and depressing. Three chapters in I put both books on the return pile without finishing them. It was then I realized the truth of the phrase, “Hike your own hike.” (H.Y.O.H.)

I just Google searched a definition of H.Y.O.H. to see if it means the same to someone else as it does to me. I discovered there are pretty much as many different definitions for it as there are ways to do it.

For me, H.Y.O.H. means hiking how the Lord created me to hike, not how the world thinks I should hike. This could be anything from hiking a physical hike to hiking through life mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually. As a Christ follower, the way the Lord wants me to live my life is always contrary to the way of the world. Sometimes it looks like it would just be easier to step off the narrow way and follow the world’s way. But deep down in my heart I know that doing so would cost me my life.

Hiking my own hike can often be lonely and seem hopeless until I remember that I have a Companion who is always with me. I have a Friend and Fellow Traveler who has already walked the road He is asking me to walk. This Companion is Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Knowing that He is always with me and that I am hiking the hike He has prepared for me brings a sense of contentment that I know can only be found when in His will.

Don’t be afraid to hike your own hike, but remember to follow His lead.


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