Sore Feet and a Happy Heart

Today I had a good day. This afternoon I decided it was warm enough I could go hiking. So at 13:50 I packed up and headed out. Dad asked me to check water bowls for him on my way out so I detoured through the feedlot.


I stopped by the horses on my way by and got to watch them play for a little bit.IMG_8065

While visiting the horses I spotted a herd of seven does in the field so I walked closer, hoping they would stay. There was not way to sneak up on them as the land between the deer and I was pretty much all flat. IMG_8079IMG_8081

The weather was pretty good and there was only a bit of a chilly breeze. The sun was shining brightly and the thermometer said -13 when I left the house. After shooting the deer my camera quit focusing because it got too cold. I stuck my camera in my pack and continued my hike. It was nice to have to put the camera away and just focus on snow hopping from one crusted patch to another. Then the surprise of discovering a patch that wasn’t crusted. 🙂 It was a relaxing hike. I was short on time so I didn’t set a distance goal but instead enjoyed the simple beauty of winter. I even got to hear the coyote choir today! When I got to the four gates I heard a helicopter and stopped to locate it. After watching it for awhile I continued my way up the Big Hill. Just before I got to the top, I stopped to pull out my mitts and realized the tube on my hydration pack had froze! It was kind of funny and a new experience as it hasn’t happened to me before. Just as I was ready to continue I heard a single coyote call upwind from where I was. I grabbed my binoculars and camera and cautiously crested the hill so I could see just over it. The yoder was too far to get a picture but I got to observe him for a few minutes through my binoculars. He was just walking along in the Coyote Pasture. I always enjoy when I get the opportunity to observe animals without them knowing I’m there. He went into a valley and I continued my way up the hill. Not three minutes later I heard a couple coyotes singing away. I stopped again, grabbed my binoculars and camera and cautiously crested the hill, this time on the West side. I thought for sure I saw them, until I raised my camera for a photo and realized…

IMG_8088it wasn’t coyotes at all, but the little herd of deer I had seen earlier. Oh well, at least I got to hear coyotes. 🙂 I got home about 16:30 quite refreshed and happy.


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