Only a Guide Book

Today I decided to print out a topographical map of The Great Divide Trial. The GDT is a hiking trail that follows the BC/AB border. When I hit print, the computer told me there was 52 pages to print. I thought “Ok, no biggie.” However I failed to comprehend how long 52 pages of a linear map is!


As I was piecing it together, my mind was contemplating the size of this trail. I didn’t think the trail was that big while I was reading about it, but as the pieces kept coming together I started to change my mind and think maybe this trail was bigger than I had first thought. I was glad to finally put the last paper in place and stand back to look .

It runs across two whole sides of the room:

A map and a guide book together are a very useful combination. The map allows you to see the the route while the guide book walks you mentally through the route. Usually my default is to skip the guide book and just use the map.

This works fine until there is no map, only a guide book.

There is no map, topographical  or otherwise, for life, but there is a guide book, the Holy Bible, and most importantly there is a Guide, Jesus Christ. Being led by a guide who hasn’t been through the trail already would be like the blind leading the blind.

“And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.” Matthew 15:14

Two things need to happen for a guide to do their job well: the guide needs to know where they are leading their followers and the followers need to trust their guide.

Jesus has fulfilled the first requirement, it is His followers responsibility to fulfill the second. A relationship is imperative when talking about this particular type of trust. The only way to know Him is through a personal relationship with Him. Once we get to know God, we learn to trust Him.

The more I experience in life, the more I realize just how much I don’t know and I can’t see. I’m not writing my story, I’m living a story that the Lord has had written for me since before I was born.

January 2018 (1)It’s a beautiful story… but there is only one place I can go for guidance and direction. I can only go to God. There is the Bible, yes, but God is the only One who can make the Bible come alive and show me how the Bible applies to my life and the situations I face.

This is my story, written especially just for me by my Heavenly Father.


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