The Way of Escape

Often when I am faced with a restriction I do not appreciate, my mind dreams up some big event that would remove whoever or whatever caused it from my life. The trouble is that as a child of God, I know that my Heavenly Father has allowed everything in my life to be there for a reason. Either to give me opportunity to practise something He has taught me, to remind me of something He has taught me, or to teach me something. Nothing in life is without a purpose.

I realized today the folly of my desire to have some restrictions removed from my life. The answer to these difficulties is not out, but through. Until the restriction has served it’s purpose, it will not dissapear.

Instead of fighting the wall that appears to be stopping me, I need to learn to walk beside it. The answer is not found on the other side of the wall… but through the gate at the end of the wall.


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